Field of Activity and Priority Development Trends

The network’s field of activity comprises processes which take place in “business entities”, and problem areas on which the network participants work and which they market as part of their business objectives. These activities comprise the entire pyramid of process control and management in an enterprise: process level, control level, and production level.

The definition of the priority development trends for Slovenia is derived from the knowledge and vision of suppliers, needs of users, and from development trends abroad. On this basis, it has been found that in the next few years the greatest emphasis should be placed on the development of:

  • Production informatics,
  • Control of complex systems and processes,
  • Fault detection and quality control,
  • Support to logistic processes in production companies,
  • Control and management technologies which enhance the quality of life and reduce environmental pollution,
  • Machinery and equipment automation,
  • Technologies enabling the development of new tools and components for control and management systems.