Modern methods for control of processes

 Work in this area will take place in two sets of projects. The first focuses on solving three specific control problems or control problem domains. In the second, the development of open-code user-friendly software tool will take place that will support the resolution of typical control problems from a practical point of view. The tool will be available to members of a comprehensive project, to the users of their services and to students. The main objectives are on the one hand, the demanding solutions to control problems of users, probably in the field of modern control technology of electrical motors in the process industry and the preparation of recommendations for the design of related projects. On the other hand, we want to build a tool for use on a personal computer, capable of easy estimation of the parameters of PID regulators based on measurements from the process and make possible study of dynamics and diagnostics of the system, which are needed for this. Expected results are:

• Completed three model projects of advanced control of complex processes;

• Increase of efficiency, competitiveness, reliability and safety of production processes;

• acquired knowledge and prepared guidelines for solving similar control problems

• Easier tuning of classical control systems;

• Better understanding of the issues by designers and users;

• Establishment of an open-code software development in the field of control of processes.