Integrated Management Systems

The primary objective of the projects in this field is to develop technologies suitable for embedded systems, to apply these technologies in a large number of Slovenian companies and to disseminate knowledge and promote the use of embedded systems technology with other partners within the technology network and beyond in the Slovenian territory. In view of the individual projects within this area the secondary objective is to promote the development of modern management approaches for different machines and devices, and we focus on the following activities: a) development of algorithms that are suitable for installation in systems in real-time, b) development of the universal communication interfaces to connect to the process equipment and also with the control and management systems in real-time, and c) production of intelligent sensors with little or no consumption of energy and their integration with embedded systems and with supervision and control of various devices and processes.

Expected results of this project are: Analysis of communication requirements in industrial networks; creation of suitable tools for the design and installation of standard communication interfaces for process automation needs; implementation of embedded systems in networks that are based on TCP/IP Internet protocol and mechanisms; development and installation of self-tuning and adaptive control algorithms in embedded systems for the processing and manufacturing of plastic and rubber products; implementation of the embedded control systems in welding apparatuses; inclusion of the electricity meter in the information system of the smart house and the interconnection of all consumers of energy in the house into a common information system for the management and optimization  of energy consumption; supervision and control of parallel travel of closing devices on major hydro-electric facilities; a complex monitoring of changes in reinforced concrete structures; implementation of WAP data transmission systems necessary for quality supervision, management and optimization of remote location technology systems