Automatic error detection and quality control

  In order to achieve higher productivity, higher product quality and manufacturing flexibility to market changes, the functioning of modern production systems is moving ever closer to capacity limits. Therefore, stable and predictable state of equipment and products and the ability of control system to timely eliminate the consequences of adverse impact of disturbances are two key success factors in improving the quality of products, systems availability, reliability and maintenance. The objectives of the projects in this area are as follows:

• Development of a new concept of synergistic control agents embedded in a comprehensive supervision system of products and processes,

• use of modern technologies for sensors and gauges in the control (machine vision, vibro-acoustic measurements, tribological measurements),

• Development of hybrid decision mode which will be suitable for accurate determination of sources of error in different information sources,

• Analysis of problems of the quality assurance from the standpoint of the human role and organization of work,

• A thorough examination of the concepts developed in five demonstration projects.

Expected outcomes of these projects are: the realization of five demonstration projects; evaluated techno-economic effects of projects; increased added value per employee; dissemination of project results among professionals; skilled operators in selected companies; and skilled salesmen for marketing of developed technologies and services.