Integrated control of batch production according to standard S88

In development of computer systems for the management of batch processes today, the guidelines of the standard S88 are followed. The aforementioned standard specifies the reference models for batch process management at the levels of basic and procedural management, but does not present detailed guidelines for the realization of higher management functions such as tracking the production process, tracking consumption of raw materials, production planning and scheduling, overseeing the implementation of the work orders, documentation production, etc. The objective of the projects in this area is that on the basis of management concepts defined by the standard S88, available software tools and our own solutions ,we develop methodology and create additional sample modules to support higher levels of management; all of which enable more efficient management of batch production.

The developed project results will be used in demonstration projects in the Slovenian industry. We estimate that both the development and demonstration projects results will indirectly enable also better management and standardization of implementation of comprehensive management of complex batch processes projects, and thus indirectly affect the quality of the management systems implemented the safety and reliability of operation of batch production and increase the efficiency of such production.

Specific projects with a broader impact

  These projects address three areas of use of control technology and information technology products, which are not directly covered by other projects, but are due to their infrastructural character important both for production efficiency, as well as for ensuring the safety of operation. We have selected the following three areas of expertise:

a) The issue of concurrent development of computerized control systems in introducing new lines of complex technology in the chemical industry,

b) Development of a system to ensure timely processing and other information to various users in the manufacturing and concurrent activities and

c) The issue of deployment of operational monitoring of emissions of matter and of process gas analytics into industrial plants.


The projects goal is to develop the procedures, methodology and tools for the design and implementation of dedicated computerized systems in those areas. Direct results of development work will be used for the realization of demonstration projects in the Slovenian industry.