IT solutions to increase production efficiency

 The projects in this area will be devoted mainly to information solutions to the problems in managing production processes, mostly needed by Slovenian companies. These are:

 • monitoring of the production process (especially the discrete product production)

 • Ensuring traceability of the product and the technological process (particularly in food-processing industry);

 • Effective planning and micro-planning

 • Information systems for decision support.

Therefore, the purpose of these projects is to develop basic concepts for the development and implementation of integrated information solutions for these areas, taking into account existing guidelines, standards and reference models. The developed concepts and tools will be used in the realization of IT solutions in the listed problem domains in some Slovenian companies; we will analyze the results obtained and prepare a marketing concept in central European area. Project objectives are:

 a. on the basis of existing reference models, definitions, standards, and experiences, define a conceptual model of integrated IT solutions for production monitoring, tracing the technological process and product planning and micro-planning production and business decision making,

 b. develop a methodology and establish guidelines for the deployment of such solutions in Slovenian companies

c. in accordance with the holistic conceptual model, develop the necessary additional building blocks and apply them in the sample (reference) enterprises.