European Economic Interest Grouping JETNET



Technology Network Process Control Technology (TN PCT) with it project Competence Centre for Advanced Control Technologies (CC ACT) has through the leading partner of the CC ACT, Zavod Center ARI, joined as founding member the European Economic Interest Grouping JETNET (Japanese-European Technology Hub for New Energy and Control Technologies) , founded in January 2013. This move is part of the strategy of the CC and TN for networking and internationalisation, approved by both councils, CC ACT in November 2012 and TN PCT in January 2013. JETNET was founded by 4 Slovenian and 1 Italian enterprise, of these 3 members of the TN PCT or CC ACT (INEA, Cosylab, Robotina); the Grouping plans to expand and include other technology oriented companies and R&D institutions.


Zavod Center ARI, standing for TN PCT and CC ACT, is thus the first  member of the grouping with the function of bringing into this virtual business system the R&D institutions providing core competences for technology development. The main objective of the Grouping is setting up and developing two-directional flow of technologies in the business cooperation between Japan and Slovenia (Europe) in the cross-sectional fields of new energy technologies and process control technologies, balancing the created added values, joint work of companies on both domestic markets and on third markets, and increasing the volume of operations for both sides.